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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 30, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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roads as people try to get out of town. plus, president obama speaks out about the use of chemical weapons in syria as his justification for a possible missile strike. this is bay area news at 7. i'm heather holmes. this is bay area news at 7. it is the start of a holiday weekend. we are counting down to bay bridge history, bay area history, the grand opening of new eastern span of the bay bridge is three days away. there is a chance they could open it early. just before 5:00 tonight, we received an update from the project spokesman, who says the work is proceeding right on schedule. he says crews completed all the grinding today in both directions. they are about halfway done with paving the west bound
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lanes and begun striping. east bound paving is complete. >> the focus will be on switching out the lighting in the tunnels from the traditional lights that have been there to led lights. they will continue that work over the next 24 hours. they are also going to wash the inside of the tunnel. >> gordon says the main goals are eefficiency and safety. asked whether it would open early, they say so far they are planning on tuesday at 5:00. the bridge closure is impacting the commute as bart runs around the cloud this weekend, yesterday was its third busiest day ever, with 475,000 riders. the ferry reports passenger loads are up. this morning, more than 2000 took the ferry. here is a look at two bridges.
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here is the san san mateo bridge, where traffic is higher. the highway patrol says the hef iest is during noncommute hours. a lot of people are heading out of town. as david stevenson said, some travelers planned ahead. >> reporter: labor day kicked off with a trickle of traffic. they are surprised by the fast pace of the afternoon commute. >> it is good, considering the bridge is closed and look, the street is empty. >> reporter: they forecast a six percent jump this year of californians traveling more than 50 miles for the holiday. none will be on the bay bridge. >> there will be additional traffic, other routes, down the south bound 101. across 92, or of course the golden gate.
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>> reporter: air travelers at sfo said the shut down forced them to find alternate routes or means to make their flights. >> we basically just went to bart extra early. >> i avoided bart and the train. i took the 101. i knew that there was a chance that it could be some traffic. >> reporter: triple-a said it is concerned about arriving international travelers that may not know they cannot take the bay bridge to the east bay. >> we try not to go out to the east bay, unless necessary. we head them over to 92. >> hopefully the bridges will open when we get back home, so we don't have to take the detour. >> reporter: the closure is also prompting them to alter the holiday dui patrols. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu. if you are hitting the road this labor day weekend, you will probably be paying a little more for gas. the state average for a gallon of regular went up a penny
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overnight to $3.81. here in the bay area, san francisco drivers are paying an average of $3.90 a gallon in oakland and san jose, it is $3.78. to developing news about the crisis in syria. president obama offered his reasons for a potential military strike if and when he decides to take that action. he says their use of chemical weapons is a threat to all of us. >> this kind of attacks threatens our national security interests by violating well- established international norms against the use of chemical weapons. the obama administration said 1429 people died in the chemical attack in syria. more than 400 of the victims were children. the u.s. stationed five war ships in the sea near syria. president obama said today he will not consider any option entailing boots on the ground.
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john sasaki is in the news room and talking to people that are monitoring the tension. >> people feel that the president talked himself to a corner. >> reporter: this man is a physician that lived in syria as a child and visit family there as recent as five years ago. >> it is near and dear to my heart. >> reporter: the chemical weapons attack on the syrian people hit him hard. >> my heart bleeds for these kids and families. these are my people. >> the prospect of missile strikes on the asad regime does not sit well with him. >> there is no win win situation. it is either a dictatorship or muslim brotherhood. >> reporter: there is no support for a u.s. military
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action. yesterday, the british parliament voted against joining the u.s. >> this is a regime that specializes in human rights abuse. >> at u. c. berkeley, they say president obama may have no other choice. >> his credibility is on the line. for chemical weapons to be used on civilians without provocation is the kind of thing that leads president obama with a choice. he can honor his word or back down. >> reporter: they said today the administration's evidence of chemical attack should stir the world. president obama attacks it is not about regime change but rather retribution. live in the news room. tensions about syria along with some weakness in consumer spending sent wall street
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lower. the industrials dropped 30 points, the nasdaq fell 30. this has been the worst month for the markets in more than a year. 22 san francisco firefighters returned home from battling the rim fire late today. the u.s. forest service says the fire is now 32% contained and growing at a slower rate. more than 200,000 acres burned since it started two weeks ago. there are still mandatory evacuations to the southeast of the fire and 4500 structures are threatened. tonight, our john fowler gives us a view of how some military hardware is helping in the fire fight. >> reporter: this drone, flying from this base in victorville, east of los angeles, beaming realtime fire video instantly to the incident commander. >> like you see a helicopter sending a live sped, it can
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pick up a thermal image. >> reporter: it can see hot spots. at incident command, firefighters and national guard controllers direct the surveillance. >> i cannot wait to see what the lines look like. >> reporter: covering more than 300 miles of fire they are connected to the drone, flying at 19,000 feet in positive control air space. clear of other aircraft. the military grades optics give firefighters unparalleled realtime awareness from big picture to fine details, telling them what is happening on the lines. firefighters will tell you nothing beats seeing fire behavior. the drone is on loan, but could become a regular tool. >> we are constantly looking at different technologies that will help improve our ability to suppress fires. >> reporter: firefighters are using the aerial images to create digital maps that are then sent to field crews. drones were briefly used on california fires in 2008 and 2009, but this is the biggest
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test so far. john fowler, ktvu. more details. the director of a camp on the tuolumne river says three of their buildings are destroyed in the fire. a toy that survived the hole on cast was saved undamaged and will reopen in the spring. again, they sampleed water quality at the reservoir. they say the him has not affected service of the purity of the water. the agency has been diverting more water to local reservoirs. repairs are complete at one power station that was damaged in the fire, and another sustained roof damage. smoke from the rim fire as well as another wild fire is causing smoggy skies in the tahoe basis. the haze is lingering at lake
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tahoe. some hotels and resorts say reservations are down for the holiday weekend. one resident says he is getting calls from friends that are thinking about heading to the lake but concerned about the smoke. >> it is hit and miss. i'm telling them to stay home. get the bay area fresh air. >> the american fire in the tahoe national forest is 100% contained, but still smoldering, adding to the poor air quality. a bay area city sees its first homicide in more than a year. what we learned about today's double killing. it may be august, but time to kick off the friday night high school football game of the week. the alamena hornets play dublin. there is a chance for sprinkles in the area. i'll have the specifics back here in just a minute.
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. police are asking the public for help finding a missing 14 year old girl that disappeared from hollister. these are photos of margarita shaparro. she was last seen taking out the trash at about 8:00 yesterday morning. the sheriffs officials say the teen may be with a family friend, this man, 42 year old jose ariano. he was last seen driving a late model chevy ford truck. they did not issue an amber alert because there is no evidence the teen was taken against her will. we are learning a 76 year old woman and her son are the people found dead this morning in a double homicide in penol. they got a 9-1-1 call from this
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home at 2:30 this morning. a 25 year old man said there were injured people inside. a man and woman were found dead. police arrested the 25 year old. authorities are not releasing the victims' names, but we here they are nora flores and tony flores. the cause of death is not released. police say they have been called to the house before. >> reporter: owe. >> things are falling apart over there. this is a peaceful neighborhood. it doesn't fit. >> the suspect is identified as 25 year old jeffrey thomas flores, the grandson and nephew of the two victims that lived with them. these are the first homicides in almost two years. san jose police and the district attorney's office are conducting separate investigations into two officer involved shootings overnight. about 1:00 a.m., one year was pinned against a fence by an armed robbery suspect in a car.
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the officer fired and shot and wounded the suspect several times. several hours later, in a separate incident, an officer fired but did not hit a robbery suspect who was armed with what looked like a real gun. a grandmother is hospitalized after being critically injured in a house fire in san jose. firefighters were called to the home at about 8:30 this morning. they said there were a lot of flames and also smoke coming from the roof. two men were able to get out on their own but firefighters had to rescue the grandmother. one of the men was treated for smoke inhalation and is expected to recover. nearly 200 workers held a one day strike at the oakland airport today, angry over what they say are efforts to slash their pay and benefits. >> we want justice for our workers. >> the food and retail workers say their employer wants to freeze wages, reduce overtime, vacation, and sick time, and hike health care costs.
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the union's contract expired more than a year ago. host international says it made workers a fair offer that reflects the economic conditions we are all facing. a government watch dog is raising red flags about whether air-traffic controllers are getting enough rest. according to a new report from the transportation department's inspector general, they are not. the finding comes after several close calls by controllers falling asleep on-the-job prompted the faa to issue new rules, including longer rest times. >> the bad news is it looks like the faa is not always following its own rules. we don't know why, but so far there have been no reports recently of controllers falling asleep. so something seems to be working. the report also says that the faa could save money by closing air-traffic control towers overnight at 70 small airports nationwide, including sacramento airport. dozens of oakland students are heading back to school with
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backpacks of school supplies. they gave them away to the entire third grades class at the achieve and world academy, a charter school. they are also giving them to students at a middle school. many bay area schools have students that cannot afford the basic supplies they need in class. >> in order to do well and perform well, you need the correct school supplies and what we provide is a backpack full of 50 items for them to perform well in school. >> each backpack has supplies, and they get a book appropriate for their grades level. the non-profit gave out 200 backpacks this year. it is that time of year for our first high school football game of the week, sports reporter fred english is live in alameda where they are playing dublin. >> reporter: the weather is
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perfect. the home team, alameda is leading. dublin figured to be favorite in this nonconference game. they are in the white jerseys and made the playoffs the last two seasons under their head coach, john wade. they have a great tandem on offense. a junior quarterback and junior receiver. >> they played as sophomores and both started. they are good, hardworking kids and have a good chemistry between them and are only in their junior season. so we have this year and next with them. >> seems like now as we get into high school that everybody is using the passing game a lot more than maybe years in past. i mean, it is now a quarterback's game, isn't it? >> i would agree. i think that there is a lot of coaches that have done their homework, they are good coaches that we coach against, and everyone seems to be going to throwing. it is more fun to call. the kids have more fun playing
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it. i think it is a trend. >> reporter: well, both of these teams figure to pass a lot. a team in black is down inside the 10, trying to score their second touchdown of the game. they are leading dublin 7-0. we are going to have highlights later tonight on the 10:00 news, and by the way, heather, there is always the specialty of the house. today, it is the world famous cheeseburger. the hornet cheeseburger with hot sauce, and it is going to be -- oh, yeah. um. back to you. lip smacking good. back to us. you probably are going to need a big glop of water. speaking of hot. it was warm today. it was. it got inland. we had numbers in the mid 90s. it will be cooler tomorrow. temperatures are trending down. not as hot as the peppers fred was going after.
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the system is going to impact us as we go into the bay area weekend. how, you say? it will drop down as it gets close to us and will cool temps and suck in moisture from the south and bring us a chance for maybe a sprinkle or two as we get into sunday and monday. here is how the forecast looks. right now, it is warm inland. fairfield is 89, the fog is stuck at the coast right now. by tomorrow it will stretch out and push further inland and the cooling will begin. overnight lows tonight, still on the mild say, 62 in fairfield and antioch and morgan hill. as you look at the computer model you see the fog comes back tomorrow. it shows you temperatures using colors. it burns back, like today, and you get 90s, but they are not that far this way. they are more east, further east. that means a slightly cooler day tomorrow. further cooling, as the low gets closer and stretches out
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the marine layer. it helps the fire danger and even up in the rim fire area it will kick up the winds and moist enthe atmosphere. now, the downside to the low is temperatures cooling on the holiday weekend, but it also could trigger a thunderstorm or shower in the central valley. it is a mixed blessing in terms of fire danger. here we are. 4:00 a.m. on saturday, a little something going on. it could easily be thunderstorms if this moisture hooks up with the low in an afternoon period where you have daylight heating. there is more stuff sunday morning. i'm not changing my plans. i know it is in the area. of course, mark tamayo will be in here this weekend tracking this. and monday, a thunderstorm around lake tahoe. 88 in pitsburg, and 98 tomorrow. down again on monday. in the five day forecast coming
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up here, it represents a cooling trend. sunday and monday it is developing, again, i'm not changing the plans, but clouds increase, maybe some sprinkles and drizzle. see you tonight at 10:00. contra costa health officials say this is the peak of the west nile seasons and more birds and mosquitoes are testing positive for the virus. four birds were found in brentwood and concord. and three groups of mosquitoes were found to be carrying the virus. a life changing procedure that only took 14 minutes. we'll show you the incredible surgery and the main reason an oak oakland teen wanted to regain her sight. we are hours away from the pride kickoff in oakland. we'll tell you how to navigate around the closure.
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. the high school football game of the week is presented by xfinity. and now an alameda woman got a sight saving surgery today. 18 year old natasha peyton says keritaconas, a degentle ra tiff disease of the cornea.
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she had lost her vision, and a doctor performed a procedure that took 7 minutes for each eye and afterwards she could see normally. >> i can do so many things that i could not do when i see blurry and i see a lot of things now. and i did not even feel nothing. >> you are going to back to school, you can drive. >> yes. i can finally seed the board now. i don't have to be behind in my work. it is good. >> remember, it took just 14 minutes. she said the main reason she wanted her vision back was to take care of her mother, who is extremely ill. this is pride weekend in the city of oakland, the kickoff is just hours away. the main celebration is set for sunday on franklin street. the uptown neighborhood between 17th and 22nd street, there will be four stages, food and drink as well as a wedding pavilion, where people with marriage licenses can get carried. admission is $10. it is five dollars for children under 12. tonight at 9:00, the deny at the fox they kerr -- theater
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will have a kickoff party. see you next time, thank you for choosing us for your news, have a great weekend.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> "big brother" has taught us a lesson that if you use bad words about blacks and gays and others -- >> in texas, like we say things that are sometimes we joke and we don't mean it. >> when she said that, that pissed me off. i went to a high school where there were more black people and more asian people. probably not good while you're doing this. >> dave chappelle was performing in hartford, connecticut. he had a standoff with the crowd for 25 minutes. at him becauseng he was doing normal standup. >>


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